Photo by Bianca Jui Yu Lin

As human beings, we are influenced by our surroundings. People create a facade to cover up their scars. In my series of work, I mentally dig into my personalities to reflect my socially manipulated mind, strange visions, anxieties under the system, and unwritten rules. People contribute to the vacancy of their emotions and personalities. Imagine the facets of human expression in different fragments; we collect the pieces to complete and fulfill our needs, but often ignore the final element needed for true completion.

Winston Yu Yang Wang's work inspired by his life experience. In his Eastern personality conflicts with Western's cultural ideas. He found out the process of learning and digesting two unique cultures lead him to explore different characters and identities. In Metalsmithing, this cultural conflict produces questions that Winston can't find a way to solve. He looked into metalsmithing, by fabricating the metal he found the balance of himself, stepping outside the box and search his true identity in this hypocritical world. 

Creating Art = Capture Time / Tell Stories / Absorb & Learn / Have All Fun !

- Winston Yu Yang Wang